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The Adventure Guide Navigator App comes preloaded with offline topographic maps, over 1,000 South Island adventure routes and 4X4 tracks, campsites, remote huts, fuel stations, and AdventureTokens.

This is a true offline navigation app, which means you can navigate anywhere in the South Island, without the need for internet connection. 

The app has been designed specifically for vehicle navigation, featuring large zoom in and zoom out buttons, plus the simplicity of one touch navigation.

To get started with the app, first create an Adventure Guide account, if you haven't already got one. 


South Island Navigation App Design

Adventure Guide’s Josh Martin has spent the last 15 years riding over 350,000 km around the South Island, while GPX logging and documenting all the noteworthy South Island routes for the Adventure Guide Map. Throughout this period, Josh has used just about every GPS device and navigation app under the sun.

Combining his extensive GPS knowledge with the feedback from the adventure riding and 4X4 communities, Josh has designed the ultimate South Island vehicle navigation app. It comes preloaded with everything the South Island adventurer needs, with an emphasis on being simple and easy to use.

The Adventure Guide Navigator App is made to do one thing well, and that is, explore the living daylights out of the South Island!

Installation and Help Guides 

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Installing the Adventure Guide Navigator App

Choosing the Right Zoom Level (important)

Using the Adventure Guide Navigator App

Help and Troubleshooting 

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