Android Device Selection

The Adventure Guide Navigator works on most Android devices with the following minimum specs. 

Memory: Minimum 4GB.
Internal Storage Space: Minimum 8GB available (not SD card space). 
OS Version: Version 10 and up. 
Bit System: 64 Bit. The app will not run on 32 bit devices.

Devices Known to Work

Samsung A04 
Samsung A05 
Samsung A12 
Samsung A14 
Samsung A23
Samsung A24
Samsung S22

Devices Known to Not Work

Samsung A13 (32 bit) 
Samsung A31 

App Performance and Expectations 

Low-end devices ($200 to $400): these are going to get you navigating at the lowest possible price. It will also cause you the least amount of heartache if your device gets damaged out on the trails. Do keep in mind, there is a big performance compromise with low-end phones – mainly zooming and panning the map. Try zooming the map beyond the device’s capabilities and it will run sluggishly, and crash. However, low-end devices are still perfectly fine to use at typical navigating zoom levels. Also keep in mind that with a low-end device, you’ll ideally want to keep it as a dedicated navigation device. Try to resist loading other apps that can cause poor performance.

Mid-range devices ($400 to $800): these are going to get you navigating at a price point that isn’t too hard on the wallet, and yet offer a good level of usability. While you still won’t be able to use all the zoom levels, you will be able to use the app at zoom levels that make using the app fun, and enjoyable.

High-end devices ($800 to $2000): these are going to get you navigating with the highest level of user experience. You will be able to use all the zoom levels, plus have a super smooth experience.

App Horses for App Courses

Your vehicle of choice will play a big role in determining what device is best for you.

For adventure riders, your device is subjected to dust, rain, and obstacles such as low hanging branches. There is of course the possibility of dunking your bike on a river crossing, and giving your device an involuntary bath.

Loss is also a consideration. I was on a ride with someone that lost an $1,800 phone – the anguish on his face is still imprinted in my memory to this day!

In a 4X4, you can mount your device to the dashboard, windscreen, or other location of your choosing. This keeps it safely out of the weather and out of harm’s way. You have far more options (phone or tablet), and much less to worry about.


Installing the Adventure Guide Navigator App

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