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If you are an adventurer looking for the best adventure routes in the South Island of New Zealand, then you’re in for a treat! Adventure Guide contains the largest collection of adventure routes in the South Island – from scenic tarmac through to challenging grade 5.

Each route on the Adventure Map has been personally visited, photographed, documented, and the difficulty grade of each track is conveniently indicated by colour. The quality of the information is second to none, so whether you are looking for a scenic style adventure, or challenging yourself with grade 4 and grade 5 tracks, Adventure Guide is the best tool for planning your next EPIC adventure!  


While the Adventure Map is ideal for those who like to custom create their own adventures, the Adventures are the perfect option if you want high quality routes that are already created, and ready to GO!

The Adventures offer you single-day and multi-day routes, ranging from mild to wild! Each Adventure comes with high quality photos, detailed route descriptions, downloadable GPX files PLUS valuable information such as fuel stops, food supplies, dining options, camping options, hotel accommodation, seasonal access information and route cautions. This is all provided in a printable booklet offering you the ULTIMATE adventure guide.

Adventure Guide - Josh 

The founder of Adventure Guide, Josh Martin, has had been an outdoor enthusiast since he was a young lad. While he enjoys regularly packing up the 4X4 with partner Jessie and heading out for camping adventures, Josh’s passion squarely sits with adventure bikes.

His obsession with motorbikes since he was a teenager spawned into a passion for mixing adventure riding, camping, and fly fishing. Josh has dedicated the last 15 years of his life to exploring the remote corners of the South Island, with a love for tackling the grade 5 challenge tracks. His ultimate goal is to ride and log every noteworthy South Island track, and share it with other adventurers via Adventure Guide.

Adventure Guide - Jessie 

Jessie recently stepped into a more full-time role with Adventure Guide and is loving every minute. She brings a lot to the table with her years of experience working in the motorcycle industry, many forms of road racing (including racing sidecars), excellent photography skills, and a deep passion for the outdoors.

The Adventure Guide newsletters are crafted by Jessie as she is an exceptional writer. In recent years, Jessie has written material for various media platforms including mainstream motorcycling magazines.

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