How to Use the Navigator App

As soon as you open up the Adventure Guide Navigator app, you will arrive at the map page. The first thing that will help you come to grips with using the app, is zooming out and zooming in. Conveniently placed on the lower corners of the app are the two zoom buttons to help you do this. Simple and easy!

Alternatively, you can use two fingers to pinch zoom the map in or out, plus you can use a single finger to move the map around the screen. 

Navigate Mode 

Navigate mode has been designed specifically for vehicle navigation. Navigate mode will locate where you are on the map, and allow you to navigate to, and along, nearby tracks.

To start navigate mode, simply tap the Navigate button shown in the image below. After 3 seconds, the app will lock-on to your location, and switch to navigate mode. 

You will know when you are in navigate mode as both the Navigate button and the Location Pointer will change from the colour grey, to the colour green. 

Information Popups 

Every feature on the map has a corresponding popup, with information about it. This includes the routes, campsites, huts, fuel stations and AdventureTokens. 

In the example below, I have have tapped on the Hopkins Valley Track. 


Information Popups - Continued

Following on from the Hopkins Valley Track popup above, I have tapped on the More Info button. This then displays comprehensive information about the Hopkins Valley Track. 


Route Highlighting

Following on from the Hopkins Valley Track popup above, in the image below I have tapped on the Highlight button. What this does is highlight the route on the map so it stands out. There are two excellent benefits of highlighting.

Firstly, it helps to identify a single route when there are multiple intersecting routes on the screen at the same time.

Secondly, the route really stands out on the map, which makes it much easier to see and follow the route when you are navigating it. 

Menu - Map Settings 

The Map Settings page allows you to control the display of the map. We'll start with the first two items of the Map Settings Menu. 

Show Routes On Map 
This allows you to select which routes are displayed on the map. 

Show Icons On Map
This allows you to select which icons are displayed on the map. 

Menu - Map Settings Continued

The three other options on the Map Settings page are as follows: 

Map Zoom Level 
This determines at what zoom level the routes and icons are displayed on the map. It is important to set this to match the capabilities of your device, or you risk the app crashing. The reason for this is the app displays tens of thousands of points on the map at one time. This is extremely demanding on your device, and the demand is amplified the further you set the Map Zoom Level towards Far

If you have a high performance device, you will be able to use a setting closer to Far without any issues. However, if you have either an older phone, or a phone with low specs, you will need to choose a level closer to Near.

Manage Map Type 
This allows you to switch between the Standard Map, and the Detailed Map.

Map Stay Alive 
This ensures the screen doesn't turn off, even when you are navigating for hours on end. 

Menu - Map Key 

The Map Key explains the different route grade colours, and also what each icon on the map represents. 

Menu - Updates 

The page allows you to manage the updates to ensure your app has all the latest routes, campsites, huts, fuel stations and AdvenutureTokens. New content is added on a daily/weekly basis, so it is a good idea to do an update before you set off on each adventure. 

If you have any issues with the updates, click on the Rest data link. This will clear the updates, and load a fresh set.  

Menu - Account 

This page allows you to check your account status, and go to the Adventure Guide website where you can manage your account. 

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