Adventure Guide Navigator Android Troubleshooting

Here's some help to step you through any troubles you may be having with installing or using the Adventure Guide Navigator app.


The App Won't Install On My Phone 

The Adventure Guide Navigator app works on most modern phones and devices that have at least 7GB of internal storage space, and 4GB of memory (RAM). 

For more details, and a list of phones the app works with, check out the Android Device Selection.

I Get An Error Saying There Isn't Enough Space

If you get a message saying there isn't enough space or the file is too large, this is most commonly because there isn't enough storage on your internal memory.

It is important to note that the Adventure Guide Navigator app will install on your internal memory, not your SD card. This is often the cause of confusion when people see they have plenty of free space on their SD card, but only a small amount of free space on the phone's internal memory.

To solve this issue you can simply shift data or apps from your internal storage, to your SD card. This will free up space, and allow the Adventure Guide Navigator app to install. 

The App Crashes When I Zoom Out Of The Map 

The Adventure Guide Navigator app is very different to all the other apps out there as it not only displays a map, but thousands of routes and points of interest, all at the same time. When you zoom out, your phone is managing the display of hundreds of thousands of way points to display this data on the map. 

There is quick and easy fix of your phone is performing slowly or crashing when you zoom out. The app has a setting that allows you to choose at what zoom level the data shows on the map. By correctly setting this zoom level to match the performance of your device, the app will run perfectly fine on a $200 phone to a $2,000 phone. 

There is more information, and step-by-step instructions on changing your map zoom level here: Choosing the right zoom level

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