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Route Overview

General Overview

The T2T Adventure departs Temuka, and loops back to Temuka, on a 331 km route made up of interesting gravel backroads.

This is a great option as a single day adventure, or if you prefer a more relaxed pace with regular stops, it can be split over two days.

Start/Finish Point

While this Adventure can be started at any point along the way, it has been structured to start, and end, in Temuka.

Terrain includes

While some tarmac is necessary to link up all the gravel roads, the majority of this Adventure is made up of Grade 1 and Grade 2 gravel roads.

There is one Grade 3 section that runs along the beach and a scenic lagoon. This section is around 12km, and is mostly deep, loose beach stone. If you prefer, you can bypass this section, and keep the entire route to a maximum of Grade 2.

Spread throughout the route are around half a dozen small fords. At normal flow rates, these fords have very low water levels, so do not pose any great challenge to cross.


331 km

Max Fuel Leg

172 km

Travel Time

The travel time for this Adventure is based on an adventure bike travelling at a steady pace. For more relaxed riders, big groups, or 4X4 vehicles, you will want to add a little extra to the time mentioned here.

This Adventure is split up into two Legs, and can be done in two ways:

Option 1 (Single day) : Combining both Leg 1 and Leg 2 provides a full day with a conservative travel time of around 8 hours.

Option 2 (Two days) : This route can be done over two days for a relaxed paced adventure, at around 4 hours conservative travel time for Leg 1 and around 4 hours conservative seat time for Leg 2.


If you choose to ride this Adventure over two days, there are a few accommodation options inducing camping, cabins, motels or a B&B. More details on the accommodation are provided in the Leg 1 route notes.

Access Permission

All roads within this Adventure are publicly accessible, so access permission is not required.

Access Limitations

If there has been recent heavy rain, then a day or two should be waited before setting off as the normally shallow fords can become deep, rushy, and potentially unfordable.


While this is not considered a technical route, it does include a few semi-remote areas. For this reason it is recommended carry tools and spares for any trail side repairs, and carry an emergency beacon or satellite tracking device.


Legs in this Adventure

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