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Route Overview

General Overview

The NCGB (North Canterbury Gravel Blaster) is a day Adventure that includes the best public gravel roads in the North Canterbury area. While it has to include tarmac to link everything up, it would be fair to say that the tarmac stretches are scenic and enjoyable too.

The route also includes some pretty interesting features along the way such as side tracks to lookouts, river mouths and scenic beaches. This is an excellent full day adventure, and best in good weather when the views on a clear day are outstanding.

Start/Finish Point

While this Adventure can be started at any point, the natural start/finish point is Amberley. At this location there is a fuel station to fuel up for the day, plus a number of shops for food and drink supplies.

Terrain includes

This Adventure aims to include as many gravel roads as possible and while there is still a reasonable amount of tarmac, the volume of gravel roads will please any gravel seeker. All the gravel roads included in this route are Grade 1.

Additionally there are a few sections that cut through farmland on public routes. These gravel/dirt farm tracks wind around hillsides offering views over the surrounding mountain ranges and the ocean. The maximum grade of these gravel/dirt farm tracks is Grade 2 when they are dry. If wet conditions exist, these gravel/dirt farm tracks can be considered Grade 3 and not suitable for road oriented tyres.


292 km

Max Fuel Leg

166 km.

Travel Time

This is a full day Adventure. The actual time taken will depend on how long you spend at some of the natural stopping points such as the lookouts, beaches, rivers etc. The average time for the entire Adventure is 5.5 hours.

Access Permission

No permission is needed to access the routes in this Adventure however please note that some of the gravel/dirt farm tracks pass through private property. While it is legal to access these areas, it is important to stick to the track, leave gates as you find them, and move carefully around stock or farming operations.

Access Limitations

This Adventure is recommended for fine weather. If there has been recent heavy rain then at least a day should be waited before setting off. The main reason is that some of the normally small and shallow fords can become deep, rushy and potentially unfordable.

Additionally, some of the dirt farm tracks through Random Spur Road will become sodden and vehicles can make a mess of the property. This is not ideal for keeping the land owners happy, so it is best tackled in dry conditions.


While this is not considered a technical route, it does include a few semi-remote areas. For this reason it is recommended to carry tools and spares for any trail side repairs, and carry an emergency beacon or satellite tracking device.


Legs in this Adventure

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