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Karamea Explorer

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Route Overview

General Overview

The Karamea Explorer is a 159 km Adventure that includes all of the great back roads and side tracks that Karamea has to offer.

The epic vistas and attractions that this route leads you to are sure to impress. Karamea truly is an amazing place, and this Adventure is a fantastic way to ensure you make the most of your time in the area, and don't miss a thing.

Start/Finish Point

The route starts from the Karamea town centre (Market Cross) and returns to the Karamea town centre.

Terrain includes

A mixture of Tarmac, Grade 1 and Grade 2 gravel roads.

Included is a Grade 3 sandy 4X4 track that takes you out to the Karamea River confluence, however this is an in/out track, so if you want the entire Adventure to be a maximum of Grade 2 you can skip this if you want.


159 km

Max Fuel Leg

80 km

Travel Time

While this can be done in half a day, there is so much to see on this route, and so many spots to stop off for a look around, this makes a great full day adventure.

Access Permission

All the routes in this Adventure are public access roads.

Access Limitations

The Karamea River Mouth 4X4 track can be subject to erosion caused by high seas and strong winds. Until repeated 4X4 traffic reforms the track, you may be forced to drop down off the track and ride along the beach to reach the Karamea River confluence. This is not a major issue as the beach sand is quite predictable and can be ridden without sinking if you maintain speed.

Legs in this Adventure

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