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Canterbury Foothills

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Route Overview

General Overview

This Adventure skirts along the Canterbury Foothills from the Waimakariri Gorge Bridge to the Ashley River Bridge just North of Rangiora.

This Adventure was created to connect up with all of the Mototokens in the area. It is not a jaw dropping Adventure, however it does include many in/out sections to interesting places that are tucked off the main roads, and it makes a great day route for Mototoken chasers.

Start/Finish Point

This Adventure starts at the Waimakariri Gorge Bridge and ends at the Ashley River Bridge just North of Rangiora, however it can be travelled in reverse if that suits you better.

Terrain includes

This Adventure includes a range of terrain. Around 50% is tarmac, with the remainder mainly made up of gravel roads, plus a few 4X4 tracks and river sections. The route is fairly straightforward and is generally a grade 2. There are two optional sections where the grade does rise. Once section is just after you leave Oxford and the route heads up the Eyre River. This is generally an easy 4X4 track with very shallow fords. This can be bypassed if you prefer. The second section heads down the Garry River to Garry's Pool Mototoken. This in/out section can be considered a grade 4 and can also be skipped if you prefer.


181 km

Max Fuel Leg

130 km if you fuel up in Oxford enroute.

Travel Time

Average time is 5 hours at a steady pace allowing plenty of time to have a good look around some of the interesting places.

Access Permission

No permission is required, this route passes over public access roads and tracks.

Access Limitations

Some of this route can be inaccessible when river levels are high and fords are impassable. This route is recommended for good weather, not only for access, but for the fact the views are so much better on a clear sky day.


While this is not considered a technical route it does include a few semi-remote areas. For this reason it is recommended carry tools and spares for any trail side repairs, and carry an emergency beacon or satellite tracking device.

Legs in this Adventure

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