Lake Hochstetter

The route to Lake Hochstetter is a well maintained gravel road amidst a network of logging tracks. Although a large area is occupied by pine forest blocks the track mostly winds through native New Zealand bush and is a nice run. There are a couple of small camping spots on the cuff of the Lake Hochstetter.




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The below photos take you from the track intersection at Nelson Creek Road through to Lake Hochstetter

Approximately 6.5km up from Nelson Creek Road you will find a turn off to the remains of an old historic dam

Standing on the remains of the dam looking up the outlet of Lake Hochstetter which is named the Nelson Creek Left Branch

The small camping area on the shore of Lake Hochstetter

This is about the extent of the lake access, the majority of the lake shoreline is heavily clad in overhanging bush

Continuing past the lake is an array of logging tracks that eventually come to dead ends.

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