Harper Road

Harper Road runs parallel with the northern side of Lake Coleridge offering two access points to the lake, one at the Ryton River and the other at the Harper River (Diversion) at the very end of the road. You will pass by another four High Country lakes situated right on the cuff of this 21km scenic road. The road condition is always well maintained and open all year pending snow conditions.




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The below photos take you from the 3 way intersection of Lyndon Road, Homestead Road and Harper Road through to the end of the road at the Harper River Diversion.

Lake Georgina

Dropping down to the Ryton River bridge where there is a road to access Lake Coleridge

The Ryton River

Lake Selfe

Lake Evelyn

Lake Henrietta

Once you pass through a few houses and go over the Harper River Diversion bridge you will come to the end of Harper Road and have the option of going left to access Lake Coleridge or heading right towards Harper River Track

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