Porika Road

Porika Road is used for power line access/maintenance and is open for public use. It winds through native bush as it climbs up and over the back of Muntz Range offering a steep ascent/descent depending on which way you do the track. Starting from Lake Rotoroa you get a steep ascent, or, coming from Howard Valley Road you get a steep descent. There are spectacular views of Lake Rotora and the surrounding valley from many points along the way, its a fun track and recommended




Photo preview

The below photos take you from the start of Porika Road at the Howard Velley Road intersection over to Lake Rotoroa camping ground

The road starts out as a well maintained bush track

The track progressively gets more rocky as you continue

Stunning views over Lake Rotoroa

Hard to capture on camera but some of these sections are quite steep with areas of lose rocks

Coming out at Lake Rotoroa

Track maintenance

The track does not get highly prioritized in the case of slips etc damaging the track and can take a while before repairs are done. The slip in the photos below (still passable on bike) stayed like this for quite some time

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