Big River Road

Big River Road is a 23km gravel/4X4 track that winds through native West Coast bush and ends at the Big River Hut. There are old mining relics and mining caves which adds interest to the trip. The track is not a technical challenge but more of a fun flowing track with a few stream crossings and great scenery. The hut at the end is well worth staying in, very comfy and being situated high on top of a hill it has spectacular 360 degree views.




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The photos below take you start of Soldiers-Big River Road (just out of Reefton) through to the end of the road at Big River Hut and Big River Winding Plant

Soldiers-Big River Road starts out as easy gravel

Approximately 8km up the 4X4 sections starts

One of the old mining caves on the side of the road

Lots of tannin coloured stream crossings

Big River Hut in the background

Arriving at Big River Hut

By the hut there is a signposted 1km track taking you to the Big River Winding Plant

Inside the Big River Winding Plant

River Caution

To get out from Big River Hut there are three crossings. The river can rise quickly and become impassable so weather should be taken into consideration when planning this route

This is me testing the depth of the middle crossing after a night of rain staying in the Big River Hut

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