Spring trip 2013 - Chasing the sun

With rain, wind and floods plaguing the West Coast for almost the entire month of October I packed up the bike for a three week trip in search of the sun and clear running rivers…

The Buller River with levels up and running dirty - Lewis Pass

A clear emerald green tributary entering the swollen muddy Buller River



Part 2

After spending some time in Christchurch catching up with friends and family I shot off for an overnight trip into the High Country

Edwards Pass

Camping up for the night

The next morning I shot off solo for a days fishing. With the weekend weather being so good there were fishermen everywhere, I did manage to find a stretch of untouched water and landed a couple of nice fish

Stopping for lunch I was surprised to see a small duckling flying down the river at breakneck speeds frantically peeping away, presumably he'd falling in the water further upstream



Part 3

Next up was a trip down to Gore through some unexplored back roads

A big “Road Closed” sign and barricades blocked the way along Beach Road, recent stormy weather certainly did some damage

Some of the wide sweeping gravel stretches ascending and descending over ridgelines were great

Nearing Gore I decided to get a ride across the Clutha River on the Tuapeka Mouth Punt, the last punt operating in New Zealand. The operator Peter and his trusty dog named Mission looked after me and filled me in on some of the history. Since its official open in 1896 Peter keeps the tradition alive, it's something a little different I definitely recommend incorporating into a trip

Mission leading the way



Part 4

After spending a week visiting family in Gore I was heading back up north again after a quick blast to Bluff


Winton had some sort of event on, all sorts of activities and contraptions were dominating the main street including this mean machine

The Tahakopa River, Catlins

Purakanui Falls

This guy had obviously spent some serious time on this, it was absolutely mint

Some braids of the Tekapo River were running failrly high and swift. I had a quick yarn to the lads in this wagon who'd been out fly fishing. Moments later I made a tit of myself by dropping the bike in nothing more than a glorified puddle!

Low sun and tall shadows up the Haka

I spoke to some cyclists who said just 15 minutes ago the river was running crystal clear then a big flash flood came through

The heavy rain must have been further south as the Wilberforce was still running clear and fairly low. I did some more route inspection in the area for an upcoming ride in the planning stage, more on that to follow...

Out Algidus Road and off to Christchurch to stay with some friends

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