Exploring new water - a new stretch on a local

After recently returning from a three week South Island trip and exploring some spectacular new water for the upcoming season I was chomping at the bit to get back to my fishing rod. As the next morning rolled around it was out with the fishing gear and I was off to explore a section of a local river I hadn't yet fished.

Next time I'll take a different route to the water’s edge, the one I took was a thick maze of vines with some bush lawyer thrown in for good measure!

Reaching the water's edge I was greeted with low clear water and glassy conditions. Perched on a log I sat for a while eagerly scanning the water, it wasn't too long before the first fish was spotted

Three good opportunities presented themselves along this stretch. Surprisingly all resulted in pattern refusal, or did they see the tippet? I'll never know

A wee way up I spotted a fish in some faster water that would have gone five pounds easy. Switching to a tried-and-true nymph resulted in a first cast hook up and we were in business. Short lived however, tearing off under a log the cunning brown quickly busted me off, dang

It wasn't too long until locating the next fish on the cuff of a small eddy, a nice wee brown tucked in behind a log. Dropping a nymph right in front of its nose soon had pressure on and a solid 3 1/2 pound hen came to the net

Winding up a very satisfying morning of fishing I wandered back home analysing the fish that were dropped in aim to better improve the chances next time round; until then...  

Author of this article: ADVGD(366)