Experimantal ranbow fly

In amongst a string of cold winter days looked like one day of blue skies and warm still weather so I took this opportunity to shoot up to Lake Lyndon to try out an experimental fly I had tied specifically for nighttime rainbow fishing. It was an extremely unorthodox looking rubber leg fly tied with a saltwater glow bead body, an orange poly yarn ribbed thorax and a flash of red for the collar. For the sake of how ludicrous it looked I gave it an equally ludicrous name… Radioactive Ron.

As I arrived at the lake the hope of a warm evening went right out the window as the remains of snow from a recent dump injected a heavy chill into the wind that cut across the lake. For a little shelter I decided to fish the southwest corner and try my luck there.

With the Radioactive Ron fly being based on a glowing body I waited till the turn of light to try it out, in the meantime I spent two hours or so with a tandem rig of a humpy and pheasant tail nymph that normally performs well on this lake, but for some reason not today. As the turn was approaching I thought I’d have a quick go and stripping in a woolly bugger to see if there was anything around that could be enticed by something a little bigger, but again no joy. As the turn of light finally came the decision was made to switch to the experimental fly Radioactive Ron, any uncertainty about the fly's success was put to rest just 15 minutes later as the first fish tore away to the middle of the lake with the hook solidly set. Wondering if this simply meant the fish had started feeding, I changed back to stripping both woolly buggers and lumos for a good hour with no luck. Switching back to the Radioactive Ron had another fish hooked up in a matter of 10 minutes! Timing coincidence or not, the fly certainly worked a treat.

Southeast shoreline on the turn of light

The successful yet unorthodox looking fly

A superb condition 2 1/2 pound rainbow all dressed up in spawning colours

Released and snaking off into the darkness

Rod setup

Author of this article: ADVGD(366)