Lake Pearson Campsite

With beautiful 360 degree panoramic views Lake Pearson is a great place to pull into and camp up for the night. It is close to SH73 but with light traffic and plenty of bush cover to block out the noise this is pretty much a non-issue. Camping is permitted along the lake edges and there are plenty of great spots to choose from.

This is a great place to stay any season of the year keeping in mind winter time sees very low temperatures (often below zero degrees) and snow is common in winter. Because this is an easy access campsite in a nice location the summer months can make this a busy little place but you'll always find somewhere to throw up a tent, especially if you are on a bike and can access places others in cars/vans/campers can't :)

More info about fishing the lake can be found here : Fishing Lake Pearson




Plenty of places like this along the lake edges to camp up

A cold morning start with frozen boot laces

An even colder morning start!

A glowing warm summer day

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