Lake Lyndon

Lake Lyndon is one of the closest vehicle access High Country lakes to Christchurch and is normally well stocked with rainbow trout averaging 1.5 to 2 pounds. Because it is so close to Christchurch it receives a high number of visitors from both anglers and boaties. On fine summer days it can be very busy with boats so if you are looking for a quiet day of fishing, don't go there! On cooler days that are not that appealing to boaties or midweek when most are working the lake sees very few visitors. The winter fishing period sees even less visitors again so if you are keen enough to fish in below zero conditions its quite common to see only one or two people and in many cases have the whole lake to yourself.

The entire perimeter can be walked and fished with many small bays offering cover from a range of winds. In general sight fish isn't that great however casting to rises can be very productive. It is a great place to take a newbie as fish are fairly easy to bring to the net.




The northeast corner of Lake Lyndon

This is the end of the lake that is closest to SH73. The majority of this stretch is a fine shingle base extending into the lake as a long shallow shelf covered with weed. At times of low water level it can make fishing streamers or nymphs a continual battle with the weed and you are better of fishing the northwest or southeast sides.

The southeast side of Lake Lyndon

This is the side that Lyndon Road runs parallel to and has a more abrupt drop-off than the northeast end. The entire length can be walked and fished, sight fishing is hard as mentioned above but casting to rises is normally successful.

The northwest side of Lake Lyndon

This side runs along the base of Mount Lyndon. The shoreline is far more rocky along this stretch and like the southeast side it has an abrupt drop-off. There are a few places with some relief from winds coming down the valley from the north.

Winter fishing on Lake Lyndon

Lake Lyndon has a split winter fishing season allowing the opportunity to swing a rod for those that need to satisfy the fishing urge year round. It frequently freezes over partially and at times of a very cold winter it will freeze over entirely.

Lake Lyndon partially frozen

Lake Lyndon almost entirely frozen over

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