Fish Lake

Fish Lake is one of the lakes in the Tarndale collection of lakes and tarns. The way the lake is positioned in the valley it is exposed to the norwest wind that funnels between Turk Ridge and Stafford Ridge making it a battle to fish when its blowing, but, pure magic on a calm sunny day. Due to this it is best fished when planning around calm weather. The majority of the lake's perimeter can be walked and fished although attention to footing is needed in the many swampy areas. There are many great vantage points for sight fishing and the results can be rewarding. The fish in this lake are cunning at the best of times, late in the season with angler pressure this is amplified and they can become quite a challenge to convince.

Due to non-catch and release angling pressure fish numbers have dropped off and unfortunately many of the larger residents have disappeared. Although catch and release is not enforced on this lake it is highly encouraged, especially for the larger fish that are vital breeding stock.




The south side of Fish Lake

This side offers the best sight fishing opportunities with a good portion of the lake edge elevated. Patrolling fish can be ambushed with an assortment of flies however late in the season the fish become increasingly wary so you will have to be bang-on with your pattern, size and delivery. The lake bed is predominantly shallow with silty patches in amongst weed beds that aid in sight fishing. There are some thick sections of matagouri, when working these portions it will be a test to your casting skills to keep out of trouble! The narrow inlet is surrounded by swampy ground but can be crossed (stepped over) at any point.

The north side of Fish Lake

This side offers many slightly elevated sections aiding in sight fishing along most of the stretch when the weather allows. There are a few swampy areas with the largest at the most northern point but the majority of this stretch can be walked without too much drama. With little cover a stealthy approach is needed for success.

A fishing buddy (Jaymie) just hooking up to a nice brown

The west end of Fish Lake

This is the end where the outlet exits the lake through a maze of swampy pocketed channels. Although the majority of this area can be successfully covered on foot there are many areas too sketchy to access due the swampy ground giving way to your weight. Careful footing is required!

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