Island Lake

Island Lake is located in a stunning valley within Tarndale and is pure magic on a calm sunny day. The entire perimeter can be walked and fished with many great vantage points for sight fishing. Although the majority of the fish are small (1 to 2 pound) the good numbers and fantastic scenery make this an enjoyable place to fish. The odd 3 to 4 pound fish is present but larger fish are not common.




The west side of Island Lake

This side offers great sight fishing opportunities with the majority of the lake edge elevated. Patrolling fish can be ambushed with an assortment of flies and often aggressively attack dries. The lake bed is predominantly shallow with silty patches in amongst weed beds that further helps sight fishing. The inlet can be crossed (stepped over) at select places about 100 metres up from where is meets the lake.

Island Lake's small island

The east side of Island Lake

This side doesn't offer as many elevated sections as the west side but sight fishing is possible along the entire stretch when the weather allows. The outlet area appears no more productive than the rest of the lake with the odd patrolling fish scouting the area. The outlet has a solid base and can be easily crossed, it is only shin/knee deep at times of normal lake level.

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