Diggers Ride

A few pics from a Kiwi Biker ride (organised by Struan) around Central Otago back roads and visiting some old gold mining relics. There was a surprising volume of ice cold fog hovering low in the valleys over both days, when riding up the tops it made for a spectacular view but it was like a freezer when we had to pass through sections of it. All in all, a great couple of days with good weather, good riding and good company... what its all about!

As I was taking this photo (with Phil’s broken number plate and holder in my backpack) I was wondering how Phil would talk his way out of this one. “Yes officer, I always ensure my number plate accompanies me on all my rides, I just prefer to have it carried in someone else’s backpack!”

* Ride Report Update *

Ok, so this is a bit of a new addition to this ride report, one of the riders that joined us on the last leg (Stu) came into a corner way too hot, left the road and had a not so glamorous moment. The result was one beaten up KLR and a broken back! While waiting for the ambulance we kept the spirits high by making fun of the situation, but mostly taking the piss out of Stu!!

Stu asked us to keep this quiet for a while. Respectfully we did (surprisingly well) but now that 6 months has gone by and he is basically mended, it is time to let the cat out of the bag on the chap who took a corner at 140kmph that should have been more along the lines of 70kmph!!

Stu moments before the carnage

Stu after the carnage

As the ambos laid him over a bike seat in a somewhat vulnerable looking position it paved the way for a bombardment of smart-arse remarks, Paul had a field day, you couldn’t shut that cheeky bugger up!

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