Lake Guyon

Lake Guyon is a stunning long slender High Country lake with a high number of small stream inlets. It does not see a huge number of visitors so often makes for a peaceful days fishing. Fish numbers are fairly healthy however they are mostly small at around 1.75lb to 2lb browns with a few similar sized rainbows for good measure. Large fish have been reported however I have not seen any myself on the two occasions I have fished this lake. The entire lake perimeter can be walked and fished however some wading or navigating around bush sections is required. The entire loop is around 5km and offers a great days fishing. A calm still day can provide some great sight fishing opportunities from any side of the lake.




The north end of Lake Guyon

This is the first end you come to when coming in via Mailing Pass. Almost the entire stretch has a long shallow extended shelf made up of both weed and silty patches. The silty patches make great spotting boards for patrolling fish. This entire stretch can be walked and fished with good elevation for spotting on calm days however with basically no cover to hide from patrolling trout you need to keep a low profile to go undetected. The outlet at the western side attracts the most action.

Lake Guyon outlet

The east side of Lake Guyon

This side has a 4X4 track running the entire length. Good portions can be fished without obstruction however many sections force you to wade the shallows to ovoid overhanging foliage. The majority has a stable rocky/stony mid-length drop-off, some sections have thick weed that fish instantly dive for when hooked and can be lost.

The south end of Lake Guyon

This is an open stony shoreline that can be surprisingly productive for such a short stretch. True to many claims from others, in norwest winds the fish actively patrol this stretch looking for churned up food and can be spotted coming in very close to shore, it makes for fun fishing in windy conditions. This side also has a healthy weedbed and fish will often bury themselves in it when hooked.

The west side of Lake Guyon

This side is the most heavily clad and can make fly fishing tricky in some spots. A good portion of the southern end of this stretch has an abrupt deep drop-off over rocks and boulders with overhanging trees however the majority can be approached in some manner. A non-official walking track runs the entire length however you will have to take to the water and shoreline in many sections as the track is too far up the bank for spotting or casting. Many fallen trees are present at the water's edge often making the successful landing of a fish a bit of a scramble when trying to steer them away tearing into them for an escape.

The walking track

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