Lake Tennyson

Lake Tennyson is large scenic High Country lake located off Rainbow Road. The lake is frequently visited due to it being close to a commonly used route (the Rainbow Road) with the camping area being a popular place stay. Fish numbers are normally moderate and on a still day the many rises confirm this. The entire lake perimeter can be walked and fished however some wading is required. The entire loop is around 7.5km and offers a solid days fishing. A calm still day can provide some great sight fishing opportunities.




The east side of Lake Tennyson

The south-eastern corner is the first section of the lake you reach by vehicle. The southern end of this stretch has a long shallow extended shelf but as you progress north and sidle around the base of Mount Southey the drop-off becomes more abrupt. This entire stretch can be walked, good portions have a well walked and obvious track while some sections require you to either navigate matagouri bushes or wade the waters edge. Great elevation points for spotting on calm days.

Lake Tennyson outlet

The northern end of Lake Tennyson

This is where the headwaters of the Clarence River enters the lake. This end is open and easily accessed with an abrupt drop-off along the majority of this stretch. Like most lakes, the confluence is often a productive place to fish.

The Clarence River confluence

The west side of Lake Tennyson

This is slightly more difficult to navigate on foot, but certainly doable. Heading south from the northern end till about half way down you have to wade the waters edge for a good portion as the matagouri is too thick to walk however there are many spots to get up onto the bank to elevate and hide yourself to ambush cruising fish.

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