Little Lake Ida - High Country South Island

Little Lake Ida is a High Country lake tucked in between Mount Ida and Little Mount Ida holding low numbers of both Rainbow and Brown Trout. Lake Ida used to be one lake however a continually impeding scree has severed the lake into two with them now being separately named Lake Ida and Little Lake Ida. Previously you were able to drive right to Like Ida reducing the distance to walk to Little Lake Ida however land ownership changes now mean that walking access is the only option available. The walk is a generous 8 km+ return trip. Fishing Little Lake Ida on calm still sunny days can be a fantastic experience but like many High Country lakes it is exposed to the predominant northwest wind making fishing difficult.




The north side of Little Lake Ida

As you come over the scree and arrive at Little Lake Ida the northern side is one of the first you come to. This side has scattered scrub allowing many places suitable for sight fishing and ambushing over the shallow shelf.

The west side of Little Lake Ida

This side also has scattered scrub and flora making for good sight fishing opportunities especially over the shallow and lightly coloured silty bottom that conveniently acts as a spotting board for patrolling trout. The lake gets deeper the further south you head. Two small stream inlets encourage fish to come close to the shore.

The south side of Little Lake Ida

This side is a little more difficult to fish with stealth as the matagouri forces you to wade the shoreline to move up or down. Careful footing is required as some sections have a quick drop-off. A few spots up on the bank within the matagouri and up on the scree can be found and used to find cover and stalk fish.

Access to Little Lake Ida

This is the track over the scree from Lake Ida to Little Lake Ida. More info below

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