Lake Hanlon

Just 7 km southeast from Little Wanganui on Karamea Highway is a walking track leading to the beautiful New Zealand lake, Lake Hanlon. This lake was formed in 1929 as a result of the Murchison earthquake. It is a small, sheltered lake set inside a thick perimeter of native New Zealand bush. This lake does a good job of protecting itself from the wind and often produces flat glassy water that mirrors the surrounding native bush offering photographers the opportunity for New Zealand mirror lake shot.

As stunning as the lake is, it does not hold fish :(

Lake Hanlon can be reached in 10 to 15 minutes, if you happen to be travelling up Karamea Highway Lake Hanlon is highly recommended for a spot to eat lunch, a good leg stretch walk, or to enjoy the scenery of an impressive New Zealand lake.




Lake Hanlon carpark

The Lake Hanlon walking track is well maintained offering a nice easy going walk, it is only 750 meters to the lake.

Upon nearing the end of the track you will come to the Lake Hanlon lookout.  This is a well built lookout with a bench seat in the middle

Lake Hanlon lookout

Looking to your left from the Lake Hanlon lookout

Looking straight ahead from the Lake Hanlon lookout

Looking to your right from the Lake Hanlon lookout

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