GPS logging on the Coast

A few pics from a 3 day ride on the Coast to complete the GPS logging of the Hohonu, Nemona forest, plus check out a few other tracks in the area.

Lake Lyndon frozen over

Arthurs Pass. As soon as I'd turn my back the Keas would be up on my bag ripping big holes in it, I had to ask people to keep them off my bike while paying for fuel, cheeky little buggers!

With no official tracks the only way to get to Lake Ahaura is to bush-bash. I followed this tributary on foot till I came out at the lake edge

Lake Ahaura whipped up by a cool southerly

A wind blown tree from Lake Haupiri to Lake Hochstetter that has been down for a few months now

Morning mist over the Ahaura River

On some of the tracks the bog holes were walked first to make sure I wasn't going to get into grief

Some of the tracks were great but dependant on water levels, in this one the crossing was up around seat level

The Taramakau River

West Coast

Some of these roads were absolutely stunning, nice winding gravel roads through native bush

Heading back through Lewis Pass on dusk, just up the road from this photo it began snowing and kept snowing right through to Christchurch

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