What is Adventure Guide all about?

Hello, my name is Josh, the creator of Adventure Guide and a keen adventure rider and fly fisherman. With New Zealand offering such a smorgasbord of opportunities there is nothing better than loading the bike and heading off on an adventure to explore new roads and fish new waters, the only problem with trip planning is continually struggling to find detailed and accurate information about new places. Most commercial style information websites or books simply don't supply enough in-depth information to plan a full trip, many seem to focus on generating profits from advertising rather than focus on supplying good content for the end user, often times the information supplied is outdated and in some cases completely wrong! After a number of my trips were basically ruined by relying on poor information I decided to create a website with high quality detailed articles based on first-hand information that would have all the required details in one place, and best of all, offer it for free!

Any fly fishermen gasping in horror that secret spots will be revealed can take a sigh of relief, the site will be a comprehensive resource covering all the main waterways in the Fish and Game regulations booklet while all secret streams, rivers, lakes and tarns will remain just that, secret :)

With the work involved in this website I'm sure you'll appreciate this website is an ongoing work in progress so please bear with me through 2013 as articles are loaded up. Enjoy!

Me out doing what I love, fly fishing stunning New Zealand waters

Loaded up and heading to the next destination